Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org


Here comes the vegan

Wielding the truth, a verbal weapon

Oh, such a mean-gan

All your illusions are threatened

Oh, oh, vegan

Ta-ta- truth tellin ‘bout

Every bloody second

Here comes the vegan

Ethically sound ain’t prevalent round

This sick society, beguiles me, all this flesh eating abound

Like it’s nothing, like it ain’t fucked up, demented, unsound

It’s as though their screams don’t make a sound

Meatless Monday’s making you melt down

Addicted! Flesh brained menace, just sit down

Every one of your excuses, I’ll shut down

With the bulletproof vegan RUN DOWN

All the truths you try to turnaround

As if murder is justifiable…your belly burial ground

I’ll break it down…

Slaughter is murder….Profound

Truth shines light into the AG void

The truth is something you gotta avoid

To eat the meal you just enjoyed

That meal was dead, are you devoid

Of compassion and mercy, morally maladroit

Oh, you fucking ghoul

You’re a fool

Making choices that are oh so cruel…

Frying up flesh, mouth filling with drool

Human supremacy…your tastebuds rule

Speciesism makes your empathy minuscule

Hollowed out, pus brained & unsouled

And now it’s showtime

Fuck that, it’s war time

Vegan prime time

Shining a light on your grime time

Kill time

Meal time

Fine line

Oppression is a war crime

Animals trafficked, locked up, doing time

Death row until it’s lunchtime

Veganism gives good paradigm

Murder made on your dime

It’s my time to chime in

Slaughter is murder….all of the time

©Heidi Coon, 2022

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