By M. Linda Steffey
An Animal Rights Poem from

By M. Linda Steffey

We are a part of a larger whole
And do not stand above the rest
And to love all Life equally
I feel we have failed the test.

If we do not understand it
Do we even try to care?
If it doesn't look just like us
Do we even treat it fair?

Do we accept it as our Brother?
Do we love it as our Kin?
Do we even treat it kindly?
Do we even see our Sin?

Do we call it names and shun it?
Do we beat it up and kill?
And call ourselves the Righteous
As our hearts with Hate do fill...

We only see their value
If we can make some "loot"
And for those we see as worthless
We give all those the boot!

The Human is a heartless kind
With Hate, Revenge....the thrill..
Man finds delight in tearing down
And calls it "sport" to kill...

Religion has not helped Man's soul
He just can't get along
In God's name he kills his own
And thinks he does no wrong!

And he hasn't gained the common sense
To see what Hate has cost....
When Diversity is gone from us
Will he know what he has lost?.....

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