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I had a premonition

I had a premonition
The world evolved.
A move from bloody history,
Somehow resolved.

I had a premonition
Id see you free.
Despite denial of sentience
You, animal, become me.

I had a premonition
That eyes were wide open.
The truth of suffering for pleasure
Fully broken.

I had a premonition
Of hope and of truth.
Of human redemption,
Unrivalled proof.

I had a premonition
Born of a future made clear.
Of equilibrium
To all species, revered.

I had a premonition
That may never come to pass.
Before my own demise
White bones beneath grass.

But of hope I remain
For the next generation.

I have a premonition.

snowy Cows
Winter Cows, Northumberland J.H. Dickinson

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