Pushing Through Green Waters
By Horace Dobbs
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Pushing Through Green Waters
By Horace Dobbs

Pushing through green waters 
Symbol of joy 
You leap from the depths 
To touch the sky 
Scattering spray 
Like handfuls of jewels

Not caged by union rules 
Unfettered by sales targets 
No trains or planes to catch 
Your time is set by the flow 
Of the sea's tides 
And the moon's glow 

You give us images of ecstasy 
That we lock away 
Behind the doors of memory 
For quiet moments 
when released from our possessions 
We dream of a freedom like yours


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