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The Rabbit Crow

An old man and his garden rabbits,
Fought over veggies like two bad habits,
The rabbits nibbled and the old man fussed,
Both were determined, neither would adjust.

The old man tried to chase them away,
But the rabbits were stubborn and refused to stray,
So he built a fence as high as the sky,
But those pesky rabbits still found a way to pry.

The old man grumbled and he growled,
As the rabbits munched and gobbled and howled,
But then one day, he had a plan,
And he made a scarecrow to scare off the clan.

The rabbits were scared and ran away,
Leaving the old man's garden veggies to stay,
But as he celebrated his victory so sweet,
He realized he had nothing left to eat!

So he made a deal with the rabbits that day,
The old man had finally found a way,
To make peace with the rabbits and save the day,
He decided to share the veggies they all craved,
And in return, the rabbits behaved.

So they all lived in the garden together,
Eating their fill, through fair and foul weather,
And though they had once been at odds,
Now they were friends, garden peas in pods.

Rabbits scarecrow

Tim Gorski 2023


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