Animal Rights Poetry and Prose from

Racehorse By Flavia Ursino Coleman

From her book Beyond Speciesism

Did you watch as I ran that race
In you glamorous hat with champagne in hand
Dressed to the nines in delicate lace
Dancing with excitement as you screamed from the stand?
It seemed I won that race for you
My owners boasting and counting the cash
Taking off your heels for that party they threw
Recounting over and over my final dash
You jumped for joy yelling my name
Laughing and anticipating my number call
Repeatedly whipped again and again
Broken I stumbled in my fatal fall
That very night all the papers read
How it could have been so very much worse
Thank God they wrote, nobody’s dead
No longer alive to make them millions, their only cures
Yes you watched as I ran for my life
Yet not for one moment did you see
Blood in my windpipe, painful joints, ulcers and strife
Or that I was drugged, stabled, lonely and seldom free
You heard my number but you did not listen at all
Or you would have heard my pitiful distress
In agony veiled behind that green screen wall
I died while you danced in your party dress
The excitement you felt was yours not mine
Watched but never seen as they all made a killing
Heard but never listened to you believed all was fine
You missed that I was a sentient being and never willing

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