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Releasing Our Parents with Love: Mother Earth and Father Sky Await!

I love loving well...
The way it softens the calloused skin
Over wounds inflicted by a world of forgetfulness and separation

I also love failing at love
It teaches me that I am both sparkly and dull
Both light and dark
For only then can I see where the light gets extinguished
And relinquish the past by befriending it
Only then can I distinguish
Between love and fear
And know the true reason we are all here, TOGETHER, as one!

My grandchild leads me there
No despair in her eyes
Just non-causal joy
And alive!
Grandchildish teacher of our birthright to thrive.

We ALL love feeling love
And feeling we are enough,
But birthing a kinder “Planet-B” is rough
And can cause pain
Yet it does not need to cause suffering!

A wise elder taught me, many moons ago, to release the suffering I clung to from my past, when my mother could not see me or my dharma and beauty.

The wise words she spoke that autumn day released all the karma collected between my womb-mother and me:

“My child,” she began, with grandmotherly wisdom and strength, “Your parents only birthed you to be here at this time, and so from them you may learn about forgiveness, imperfection and conditional love. It is Mother Earth and Father Sky who are your true star-blankets of support. They are the grounding presence that will heal a world of human duality and forgetfulness. It is not who is born first but who wakes up first that is the responsible one, for we are all children and adults at once. So, go forth and collect your strength and acknowledgement from Mother Earth and Father Sky! Look back at your birth parents only to say thank you for the teachings and for bringing you here at this time!”

When she finished speaking, I realized that I had always been held by these other parents.
I had a distant memory of a non-thought-form love of self,
A freedom, if you will,
An inner compass of care.
When the family emotions were over-kill,
Grief projections in my home,
I knew mother earth awaited,
That she beckoned at my door

And I stepped into her
Onto her
Upon her
And was taken in.
All human-made crazy evaporated off my flesh then,
Sunbeams cleared my eyes
And all pains would subside
When I stepped outside.
For this was my home…

I picked buttercups and clover
And rolled over
Greener grass

I climbed trees
And hid like a bird
Without a word

She held me!
Deep inside her pulse!

I played in the river
She washed me

I danced my fingers through the polliwogs
She transformed them into hopping beings
So, I hopped with them

She taught me how to forage
wild blueberries and red clover
then I found a feathered friend to play ‘red rover’
calling raven over

They said I had a good imagination
I call it my mothernation
A great exhalation
Of a world gone mad!
A world, at once, so very beautiful…

© Tami Hay 2024

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