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No Remorse
By Janet Riddle

Animal Rights Poetry

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No Remorse
By Janet Riddle

Compassion is an important trait
but we send those weaker to their fate
Ruthless and greedy we became
yet we are smarter so we claim

They are ours to eat we have said
but just like us they bleed red
Innocent yet born to die
No remorse? We must ask why

How long can we ignore their pain
and pretend they leave no bloody stain?
If we looked upon the face of our meal
would it then appear more real?

Millions slaughtered every year
humanity makes our choice clear
Live, let live and right a wrong
we have waited far too long

Sauce and spice a tempting disguise
to mask the torture and demise
Don't take death to your plate
reach for life it's not too late