Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

How is it you are able to look in the eye An innocent creature you intend to make die?

How is it you manage to wake up every day Knowing that you plan to take his Mother away?

How is it you can look at your money and think Yes, I caused them to suffer but not even blink?

How is it you can live with the knowledge that you Will sacrifice their sweet lifeís for blood money due?

How is it your heart can be so hard and so cold You knew you would never let her babies grow old!

How do you do it? Facing the darkness of death Each day: stealing their children, their peace and their breath.

How do you sleep? I wonder, at night do you hear Mommaís scream out for babies you made disappear?

How is it you can go on? Do you ever ask Why should I kill these creatures? Why commit this task?

How did this happen? And what led you to believe That your have the right to grant life and death reprieves?

How is it your children will recall their Father? A good man. Fine husband. The creatures he slaughtered.

How is it you will stand up on Godís judgment day? Think about walking before Him. What will you say?

How is it you will ever find words to explain His creatures: suffering. Their lives. Their deaths. Their pain.

How will you face him? And will you ask for mercy? A reprieve? Which? Life? Or death? Such that they did see?

How is it you will spend your eternity due? Do unto others? Reprieve? I will pray for you.


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