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Rode Daze

A calf was chased the cowboy way,
With ropes and lassos, they did play,
To entertain the crowd in a wild display.

The calf ran fast, oh so scared,
But the cowboys chased, they dared,
To catch the calf without a care,
But why this show, I did not prepare.

The crowd cheered as the calf was caught,
Roped and tied, who'd a thought,
A sad spectacle, it was wrought,
For human pleasure, was it all for naught?

The calf looked at me with sad eyes,
Asking why this must be her demise,
I had no answer, only sighs,
For the entertainment, the calf just cries.

This tale of woe, it should chime,
Asking why we make animals climb,
The ladder of pain, for a moment in time.

Let's stop this show, this cruel game,
As human beings we should feel shame,
Let's treat them kindly, without blame,
And let them live, in peace, not for game or fame.

~ Written for my good friend and animal advocate Bryan Monell

rodeo bull

Tim Gorski 2023


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