The Rodeo Show
By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from

The Rodeo Show
By Janet Riddle

The rodeo's in town, grab a seat
family fun, what a treat
Have you ever stopped and thought
of the misery your money bought

Those terrified calves who run away
that are roped again like every day
The rope's snap can break bone
this big arena, one calf alone

They call it wrestling - this attack
a steer's neck twisted til on his back
Timed and hurried, his head held tight
spinal injury a common sight

Bucking straps, spurs and chutes
horses and bulls carrying brutes
Electric prods and calloused skin
thoughtless men who care only to win

Next time you see the rodeo
think of all those in the show
are they willing or forced to serve
then ask yourself if they deserve

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