Lynne GoldsmithSalmon Hold
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Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Salmon Hold
By Lynne Goldsmith

I hold palms out,
my head down humbled
to your hallowed signs
of life opened wide
to the gutted reminding
my misbelief for redirecting
how you are there inside
somewhere still alive,
no covering
your eyes more spherical
as if pushing outwards
my blindness
to a point I want to believe in
that mother of pearls, armor of such
preserving all parts of your shimmer,
glistening curves, spotted design,
perfect in lines your lips respond to,
seems to, how you breathe again
as in I want you to
as in I want to free you
to your panoply of ocean
awaiting your return
to offerings of familiar
in a world for your making
I know nothing of
in throes of creation
on lured hooks sinking for death
for the sucking out oxygen,
wild movements unheeded
capturing last breaths
by the sparklings of waters
flashing of loss
as in I hold you now
as in my palms are up and open.

ŠLynne Goldsmith, 2020


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