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Sarah Undefeated By Nancy Correa

The first time she inhaled fresh air was overwhelming
she almost stopped breathing yet
she continued inhaling the sweet air redolent
with the promise of verdant spaces crawling life
she was so frail what few feathers she had
fell out making lazy twirls in the dust motes
she slept breathed breathed and slept her porous
bones recovering from laying egg after stolen egg
one day the promise of grass dirt and sun were too enticing
she finally stood a thin dancer lost in her equilibrium
dancing past memories of stacked cages ammonia laden air
deceased friends she moved ahead parting the speckled light
letting the sun shine on her for the first time

rescued Hen
2008 UPC Sanctuary Photo by Davida G. Breier

[Poem originally published in United Poultry Concerns Summer 2023 Poultry Press]

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