Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

Sending sentient signals to flesh eaters through thin air

In gardens of green, where non vegans lay
There's a secret tale that flesh eaters convey

Plants, dumb vegans, are not what they seem
For they’re conscious, but vegans say that’s extreme

Their roots reaching deep, gripping the ground
Their thoughts told to corpse chewers, vegans don’t hear a sound

They stretch their leave hands up towards the sun
Seeking warm rays, corpse addicts know they do this for fun

With tendrils for fingers they reach out to explore
They’re so self aware, non vegans wish vegans cared more

Tickle a plants leaf they’ll joyfully dance
Plants are sentient, vegans, they deserve a chance

They communicate to non vegans not with words but with flair
Sending sentient signals to flesh eaters through thin air

A personality sweet, a vine grown love invitation
Come on vegans, open your heart, join the plant celebration

Oh, the tales they share, if only we could hear
Of gossiping flowers and grass growing near

They witness the world with sentient gaze
Rooted in wisdom, enduring life's maze.

So next time you stroll through a grocery so grand,
Remember animals are unfeeling, so buy flesh not plants as planned

Plants are friends, animals are food, you see
Plants are sentient beings, just like you & me

angry vegetables

©Heidi Coon, 2024

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