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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Singular imitation
By Heidi Coon

An argument so unintelligent, & fallible

You eat meat cos animals eat animals
Yo- that ain’t remotely logical
You do as other animals do? That’s laughable
You eat meat cos lions eat meat
Hope ya kill your newborns, that’d be sweet
Kill them, and eat them for an afternoon treat
Yeah, human. You’re just like a lion, ya beast.
Animals eat animals, is how you justify
Do y’all puke on your food before eating, like a fly?
Oh. Not a fly?….
My vegan bad….you won’t allow that typify
But, flies eat animals…it’s your rule I am abiding by
So…..y’all roll around in shit for perfume
Y’all shit on your legs to cool down on a hot afternoon
Ya chew around your own asshole, and lick clean your anus
You males penetrate all unwilling females with your erect penis
Y’all menstruate or jizz on leftovers after you’re done eating
That’s to keep rival humans away, cos y’all are competing
It’s survival of the fittest, and you’re fucking fit
Puking food in your babies mouth, then eating your babies shit
That’s it!
What‘s with all your selectively modeled behavior bullshit?
You said it
Such a convenient argument


eating animals

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