By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from


By Janet Riddle

An unknowing buck comes into view
the call has worked, anticipation grew
This killing field once a nature park
sweaty hands grasp the bow and prepare it's mark
Arrow readied he's taken aim
this sniper has waited without shame
Premeditating his murder plot
mercilessly, he takes the shot
The arrow rips into the buck's side
not an instant kill but he tried
With a leap of terror, shock and pain
his blood sprays like fierce rain
Panicked and injured he attempts to run
his hell on earth is another's fun
The arrow sinks deeper and he swings around
weakening he staggers to the ground
Useless brutality once again will win
all hope is lost the buck starts to give in
One last thrash and a labored breath
he can't fight the stronghold of death
His warm blood steams the frigid air
his eyes grow dim and cast an empty stare
Meanwhile tucked in a nearby tree
the smiling youngster sits in safety
Dad pats his son's brainwashed head
"I'm proud of you" he smiled and said

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