Something Just Doesnít Gel
By Lance Landall
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Something Just Doesnít Gel
By Lance Landall

Youíre a good person, arenít you, yet, something just doesnít gel, 
As, youíve a creature on your plate, that somebody chose to kill. 
I canít get my head around, how someone as nice as you, 
Can dine upon a creature, that also, lived and breathed too.

Iím not out to condemn you ó Iím simply baffled ó you see, 
For though youíre very loving, here, you act indifferently. 
Itís not as though you need to, for alternatives exist, 
So, please tell me why it is, that meatís on your shopping list?

I find it quite ironic, how people whoíre loving and kind, 
Can devour some poor creature, without it troubling their mind. 
After all, they are creatures, theyíre living breathing things, that, 
These very caring people, eat and enjoy, as they chat.

Yes, while their pets sitting there ó one that they dote on, caress ó 
They chew on a carcass, theyíve perhaps asked God to bless. 
On the one hand, they love creatures, on the other, they eat them, 
Hence itís not surprising, that such inconsistency, some condemn.

Good people eating creatures, just does not sit right with me, 
Nor the fact that some turn their home into a butchery. 
Tell me, how can anyone, some poor creature kill and eat, 
And then say, that people and creatures, you should not mistreat?

It seems hypocritical, saying, do not hurt or kill, 
And at the same time, killing and eating creatures, as well. 
What signals is such sending, those children that such folk raise, 
And much more so, if for that meat, they thank and their God praise?

A graveyard for carcasses? No, not my tummy, thank you, 
Plus, there are alternatives, much healthier to pursue. 
But tell me, how could I be loving, yet, creatures kill and eat? 
No, Iím a creature too, so, another, I wonít mistreat.

No, I wonít eat anything with a face, nor killing embrace

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