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Poetry By Carl Porten

A song for the Earth...

Im gonna write songs
and sing for the earth,
not afraid to stand up
on a stage for Her.

Not afraid of what
the people mite say,
as they sit doing nothing
to help anyway,

Or the teachers the peers
the TVs an shows,
moulding a mind to be
no one we know.

And though shall receive...
...and oh boy did we,
till the oceans dried up
and we used the last tree,

so Im gonna write songs
an sing for the earth,
an give back to her all
the love she deserves,

through words dropped in verse,
that Ill rip from my soul,
as I lean on my shovel
an search within holes,

where little white rabbits
dare not to go,
even late for a party
where death sits front row,

but as rose from the devil
cast to your stage,
falls to its shadow
neath falling light made,

would thee with thy foot,
crush this disease,
that devils would ask
thine to carry with thee,

to places of softened
reflections dividing
the truth that one sees
gifting places to hide in?...

...Would you?
What would you do,
if the devil came knocking
with great deals for you.

Would your pen just gift paper
for your eyes to see
or would everyone here
in this world get to see, come with me cause...

...Im gonna write songs
and sing for the earth,
so come sing with me,
till we all know the words...

Im gonna write songs
and sing for the earth,
so if all of the boys
and all of the girls,

can stand on this stage,
for our one Mother Earth...
...maybe shed feel the love,
weve been keeping from her...


Poetry 2022 Carl Porten

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