Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

With reverence shall I walk upon Mother Earth
For other life forms depend upon my humaneness
And with awe I find great delight in the many
Life forms about my being;
Great is my awareness that my strength could
Cause my smaller brother pain and suffering and
I shall with gentle hand reach out
And with a loving heart have compassion and
With soft voice speak kindness;
Lord! I did not create life and have no right
To wantonly destroy that which was here
Before me...
For the ages speak to me in the wolves howl and
In the bird's song and I learn valued lessons
Of life from my brother!
I behold their simple beauty and their rituals
Fascinate me..
Their wonderful ways of the wild....
But I ask..."Who is wild?"
And I look to man and his heart
His power..his waste of life
His killing, pollution, extinction...!
Good is Mother Earth for she nourishes her
Children in her wise and wonderful ways..
Lord, you have put us here to watch over her
As you lovingly watch over us...
Have we failed Thy test?
Dominance has responsibility and shall we ever
Be deserving of our stewardship and with
Wisdom live with Nature with all
The kindness of the human Spirit,
For Great Father, we are one with Nature...
Not apart...just as we are one with Thee....

by M. Linda Steffey

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