shenita-etwarooAnimal Rights and Other Poetry By Shenita Etwaroo From

Soul Companion

Those lovely brown eyes stared at me,
with such love and affection,
always prepared to comfort me,
though I might not be paying attention.
The warmth of your cuddly body,
filled me with joy I hadnít known;
as your little teeth ground softly,
to me a real love was truly shown.
You loved without judging my flaws,
with no expectations in return,
with a gentle push of your paws,
and a smile that only I could discern.
My sweet Neo, you knew me better,
than any human heart ever seemed to,
the time that we spent together,
was the one part of my life that seemed true.
With you I could truly be myself,
though I might be feeling glum;
To my lap you would come.
When you looked into my eyes,
and smiled your tiny little smile,
nothing could I ever despise,
you gave me paradise for awhile.
What I never expected was your loss,
the way it would crush my core,
I never realized the very high cost,
of loving you, and you loving me more.
If I could turn back the minutes,
I would stretch out our six years;
that every moment would have you in it,
and I would shed very few tears.
But then, so clearly, I recall,
the way your lovely brown gaze,
would stop tears before they could fall,
and I know, though few be our days,
I treasure them each, one and all.
With time I will hold grief at bay,
memories will comfort, big and small,
I look forward to that brighter day.
As much as I miss you, sweet bunny,
I donít want to be brought to tears,
when I remember you being so funny;
Iíd rather treasure those precious years.
I know that we shared a soul,
and of it youíre still a part.
In some ways, I will always be whole,
with you as my bright, shining star.
One day, Jesus chose to take you,
because your job here was done,
but I know one thing to be true:
the distance between us is none.
You will always be beside me,
and I will keep dreaming of you,
I know those lovely brown eyes see,
You should know you still comfort me too.
These tears that I still shed now,
are not for losing my sweetest friend;
they are for knowing that, somehow,
my heart will yet heal and mend.
As long as I am loved by you,
I can never truly suffer or grieve,
our days together were too few,
but I know you would never really leave.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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