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Animal Rights Poetry By Noël Sweeney

A Spotless Life

Mary Smith gazed out the window
Her heart was hit with a warm glow
The feeling even lit her face aglow
Seeing the first shoots rise in spring
The new-born lamb gambolling free
Such a sight made her lone soul sing
She ate at the restaurant every day
During her quiet week-long stay
Quite taken with the spotted lamb
The same one she swiftly recognised
Same time same place every day
He had a black spot between his eyes
The little lamb put on a daily display
As if pleased to be seen by her at play
Jumping and looking cutely at Mary
She smiled back without being chary
Straightaway he made her happy day
Then she was hooked in time’s flow
Smith packed her bags ready to go
Still keen to see her cute little lamb
She spotted him among all the rams
At play in their gambolling programme
But then when she took a closer look
Smith instantly knew she was wrong
The black spot was in the wrong place
On the cutest lamb’s still smiley face
Smith was anxious during the new day
Still worried she caught a waiter’s attention
Even after a short stay in her quiet way
It was something she just had to mention
She was feeling kind of slightly bereft
She hopped nervously before she left
Whim wham she asked about the lamb
The waiter too shifted from foot to foot
The waiter seemed more than confused
Shook his head as if he had no words
Except those he knew to make her grieve
Yet now if ever was not the time to deceive
He knew those who do not lead spotless lives
Should still be able to deliver and be believed
The waiter held his steady steely gaze
Softly catching her eyes in a dull blaze
Yet the waiter was not one easily fazed
The cogs in his mind started to crunch
Not sure how to say it but he had a hunch
Delivered a kick as hard as a blacksmith’s blow
Much as Judy’s well-aimed rolling pin on Punch
‘Why the one with the black spot between his eyes
Was the same one you munched for your lunch’

© Noel Sweeney, 2023


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