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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

What have your creatures done
To be so persecuted?
They are hunted to extinction,
Trapped, abused, electrocuted!
Their heads hang on walls
They are slaughtered for their tusk..
While still alive stripped of their fur
And tortured for their musk!

I hope you don't regret, Lord...
For giving man free will
There are times he acts like God
And has the right to kill!
Is it for greed he tortures?
Is it for thrill he kills?
Shooting animals, his own kind
When will he get his fill?

Thy animals are magic, Lord...
Their beauty unsurpassed
They were here long before us
But wiped out with a blast!
We have lost so many species
Pollution, trapped and shot!
We don't consider life lost...
Just the dough we got!

I love all creatures living
I see God in each one
Whatever man does to them
To God..this has been done!
Man must fall upon his knees
And mend his greedy ways...
Re-examine how he treats life
And give all life better days...

M. Linda Steffey 1998

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