Stolen Beauty
By Janet Riddle

Animal Rights Poetry

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Stolen Beauty
By Janet Riddle

They smell the hunter in the breeze
the herd scatters and flees
But for one of them there is no hope
locked on him is the scope

To die in a cage they are bound
never once to touch the ground
We wear their fur on their back
it is compassion that we lack

Behind locked doors of animal science
there is only greed and defiance
Filled with false hopes and the victim's cries
all of this your money buys

They are born for their meat
there of misery for a tasty treat
Their cries we do not hear
so we never shed a tear

We will do anything for our own gain
no matter what this may contain
A peaceful world it can never be
until we end our savagery

For the innocent we must speak out
caring is what it is all about
Their suffering they cannot voice
and without words they have choice.