Stop the Cruelty
By Bernie Jones
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Stop the Cruelty
By Bernie Jones

Ignorance is Bliss

I look around me to see what is 'normal' 
And the tears will not cease not because I'm hormonal

Because the things that I witness all of the time 
Are things derived of cruelty, though pushed from your minds

I look down and I see you are wearing leather daps 
And it's ham or corned beef that you have in your baps

It is cow's milk you put in your coffee and tea 
Is that contempt in your eyes as you're looking at me?

I try not to look, not to judge, though inside 
The pain that I feel is so hard to hide

I know the cruelties behind those 'innocent' acts 
You choose not to see, but I know the facts

Do I make you feel guilty for making my stand? 
Why do you turn from me as I hold out my hand?

Is it because you believe all I do is criticize? 
As you eat your beef burger and turn from my eyes.

Do you never ask me questions 'cause you don't want to hear 
...the reasons for my actions, the cost is too dear

You may have to change, if you hear what I say 
It may change your life in every way!

You perpetuate suffering though try not to see it 
Sometimes you realise, try hard to ignore it

I understand fully, it's painful to see 
The suffering and pain, the endless cruelty

It's easier to bury your head in the sand 
Only I can't ignore the truth on command

It's time that more people make the stand 
Please, open your eyes, take my hand

And take a good long look at the realities of this world

Stop the cruelty.

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