Stop Eating Us!
By Lance Landall
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Stop Eating Us!
By Lance Landall

I’d like you to imagine, that all the creatures on this earth,
Had gathered at a meeting, protesting for all they’re worth.
And that with banners held high, had hollered their discontent,
Which I duly recorded, and here — with sympathy — present.


“It’s high time that humans were tried for crimes against our kind;
They’ve a history of butchery, callousness, I remind.
Proof? Just look at their shop shelves, their fridges and freezers too,
For they’re bulging with body parts, that they boil, roast, barbeque.”

“That’s your brothers and sisters, your mums and dads, don’t forget,
With the exception of course, of those that they make their pet.
On the one hand they pamper, take us to a pet boutique,
On the other, they slaughter us, and gorge on us all week”

“They also fatten us too, with food that their own kind need,
Then when we’re looking healthy — they slay us; betrayal indeed!
What gets to us, is: They’ve their own food — veggies, grains, nuts, fruit,
So, why polish off our kind? They do have a substitute.”

“But oh no — it’s us they want, they’ve a taste for flesh and blood,
Thus, we’re destined for a bullet, a quick violent club.
Or death by whatever other means they cruelly enlist,
Like a slash across the throat, or a sudden wrenching twist.”

“And then they talk about love, with our bodies on their plate,
And groan over violence, yet, over us, salivate.
They deplore wanton killing, yet, stab us with knife and fork,
And the very next day, with loaded gun, more poor creatures stalk.”

“Yes, they cut us into pieces, treat us like we’re just meat,
When we’re living creatures too, not food for humans to eat.
They’ve perverted their taste buds, justified killing as well,
In order to devour us — when with them — we’re meant to dwell.”

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