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You are my endless sunshine,
I used to sing to you;
my bunny oh-so-fine,
and it is still very true.
When the sun rises in the sky,
I think of you in a better place,
when it sets I wonder why,
I canít look upon your face.
I know that Jesus has reasons,
that he gave you to me to heal,
that you were meant for only a season,
to teach me how love could feel.
Still it is hard to accept,
that you have risen so high,
at times I do sob and regret,
and at times I have to ask why.
But when these moments come,
I can feel your presence close,
and I feel that while Iím lonesome,
your whiskers still tickle my toes.
I see your fluffy soft fur,
above in clouds of white,
I hear your loving purr,
when I look at the sun so bright.
I know youíre still my sunshine,
lighting my way from above;
I know your guidance is mine,
that I still have your love.
It can be hard to move onward,
but I know you want me to,
I can feel you nudging me forward,
to savor the sky so blue.
Your companionship was a blessing,
I am grateful for all we shared,
even while I am left guessing,
why I lost the one who cared.
Sometimes I still sing to you,
and wonder if you can hear;
I wonder if it could be true,
that you could still be near.
I sit and think of memories,
how you could bolt so fast,
how we shared so many stories,
and treasured the days that passed.
Sometimes I still sing to you,
I know that you can hear,
I know now that it is true,
that you are still so near.
I call out to you to play,
and I laugh as I recall your hop,
I still remember the way,
that your long ears would flop.
Yes, you are my sunshine,
I know you will always be,
you want all my moments in time
to be fulfilling, and happy.
In your honor, dear Neo,
I will look for the light,
even when itís too dark to know,
and I feel lost in the night.
I will strive to live once again,
with the joy you gave to me,
I am determined not to spend,
each day in pain, and lonely.
You taught me to discern,
who is really a friend;
let the rest of the bridges burn;
if a love causes death, let it end.
You taught me to believe,
that I deserve a love as bright,
as the sunshine for which I grieve,
and to which I still hold tight.
I know what it is to love,
and how a love should feel;
with you so high above,
Your light still helps me heal.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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