The Symbol
By Guila Manchester

I look at THEM
And only bitterness
I find.

THEY came with their poking and prying,
For THEY just can't let anything be.
And THEY painted their wings and THEY banded their legs,
And THEY made them a little less free.

And THEY badly upset a gentle old man
Who had cared for his doves for so long,
But THEY are the great research experts
And everyone else must be wrong.

And one baby dove THEY took out of a box,
For its wing had been injured a bit.
And THEY gave it to me to take care of.
So THEY wouldn't be bothered with it.

And the beautiful creature so gentle and sweet
Made no struggle for flight or release.
And I thought of the words of the Bible
Where the Dove was the symbol of peace.

And I reached out my finger and stroked its soft head
As it trustingly laid in my hand.
And these are the thoughts that came to my mind,
Unlike those for the meddling of man.

I look at you;
I understand.
I touch your head;
I touch God's hand.