Mango WodzakThe Beast
An Animal Rights Poem By Mango Wodzak from

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

The Beast
By Mango Wodzak

Asleep, I dream of days gone by..
- of grass, and trees, and open sky,
of company I chose to keep,
while playing at my mothers feet..

But like the calm before the storm,
the dream takes on a different form.
Enter the "Beasts", with sticks of thunder,
I cannot help but stop and wonder..

Mother, she stands up, and cries,
and looks the Beasties in their eyes.
Young and brave and fears no one,
but never having seen a gun..

The beasts take aim, and open fire,
one more shot, a little higher…

..Mother she is silent now.
One beast lets out a whooping "wow!"


In my den of concrete and steel,
My senses tell me this is for real..
The beasts they came that one sad day,
and took my other life away..

I look around my prison cell,
the beasts approach, I sense their smell.
Outside my cage they stand and stare,
I try to act like they're not there.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
the constant staring hurts my pride..
I pace in fury, utter rage..
no escape from this damned cage!


... Enters the beast who comes each day,
to clean my mess and scraps away.
It gives me food, and sweeps my cell,
and likes to think it treats me well..

All these years of humiliation and pain,
when will freedom come again?
But what's this? The door's ajar!
Thoughts of dreams and worlds afar..

I seize my chance and make a dash,
only to be stopped by the beasts whiplash.
Turning I snarl and bite it's arm.
It turns and shouts of bodily harm.


People watch in wide-eyed awe,
as the keeper hits the floor.
"Get some help, it's just too bad!
The Beast she’s gone a raving mad!"

Men arrive with no delay,
and shoot and shoot and shoot away..
"Beast, oh Beast, oh Beast!!" They cry,
as slowly, the lioness, does die..

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