By Janet Riddle

Performing in the rings of despair
the roaring lions and bear
Made to perform an unnatural act
their suffering is real, that is a fact

The tame big cats are made to roar
Creating fear is what the whips are for
They jump through hoops or get beat
the audience cheers from their seat

Defanged and declawed, he was once a bear
but the audience does not know or care
He looks so cute dancing in his skirt
but up close in his eyes you can see his hurt

The elephants stand bound to a chain
eventually they will go insane
From their life of misery they cannot cope
these peaceful beasts stripped of hope

Uncage the lions, tigers and the bears
and break the chains the elephant wears
Boycott the circus you have that choice
those miserable animals need your voice

Originally published on Animal Rights Online.