The Murder of God’s Children
By Andrew Pell

All animals are God’s special children.

For some a torturous death is certain.

The cruelty we just don’t want to know.

Pain and suffering is all they have to show.

We starve them for food that will reach our table.

This is actual murder, not some fictitious fable.

Imagine being taken from your mother just days old.

That alone is heartless and cold.

We starve them so we will have better meat.

Is mankind proud of this horrific feat?

Imagine the torture as well as the pain.

It leaves you with emptiness and utter distain.

Would God sanction this barbaric cruelty?

God must be weeping at what he can see.

Where is the world that God created?

A world that man has destroyed and castrated.

On God’s return we will have a perfect earth.

Man and animals will live together in a land of rebirth.

© Andrew Pell 29/01/11