Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

The first words I heard were, ďYes! A little boy!Ē
I looked up at my Momma, her eyes were filled with joy.

My legs are shaking bad but Momma looks so proud
When at last I get my feet firmly on the ground.

I love to play outside, how soft the green grass feels
When I run and leap so high kicking up my heels.

The warm yellow sunshine and Momma breathing deep
Mix into a lullaby as I drift to sleep.

My Mom is always near me, she keeps a watchful eye.
I feel so loved and safe and warm when I am by her side.

How fast I am growing! My Mommaís pride with joy.
No longer little baby Ė Iím a great big boy.s

Every weekend folks drive from very far away
Just to stand beside the fence and watch me as I play!

I am the most handsome, everyone does agree.
Wait, what is this? Why do they measure and weigh me?

My Momma looks so worried, tears fill up her eyes.
But what could be so bad to make my Momma cry?

Iím going for a ride in a bright shiny truck!
Itís my first ride ever! I really am grown up.

Where am I? Who are you? Did Momma stay at home?
Iím really getting scared. Iíve never been alone.

MOMMA?! What is that sound Iíve never heard before?
Iíve got to find Momma. Please! No! Donít close the door.

OH, no! I CANíT MOVE! I canít even turn around.
This space is much too tight. There it is again. That sound.

Was that a scream? A SCREAM? My heart is pounding hard.
Oh Lord, I canít catch my breath. Why is it so dark?

Hello? Anyone? I think thereís been a mistake.
Momma would never let me come to this kind of place.

I want Momma. Iím so scared. I canít stop shaking.
I donít know which is worse: the dark or the screaming.

Iím so thirsty. Momma. And some water.
I JUST WANT MY MOMMA! MOMMA! I want to see her.

Oh Lord, who is screaming? Why are they screaming? WHY?
Please, turn on the light! Iím shaking. I want Momma!

Wait, I hear someone coming. Yes! I hear their steps.
LIGHTS! I can see! Yes! Momma, did you come to help?

Who is this man with scary eyes hid beneath his hat?
Will you take me back to my to Momma? Will you take me back?

No! PLEASE! Take me home. I donít want to go that way.
Then silence takes their place.

No! Not this way! THIS IS THE WRONG WAY! Donít you hear?
Donít you hear those screams? Those loud screams? Screams fill the air with fear?

No! Please donít go. PLEASE DONíT LEAVE ME HERE! Take me home!
You donít understand. Momma needs me. Sheís all alone.

What is this room? DEAR GOD, I canít stop trembling.
OH. This is the room from where I heard those screams.

Screams, too, would I, if I only had a voice.
That I am the most handsome, my Mommaís pride and joy.

Momma! Can I see my Momma just one last time?
My little life is ending, I am next in line.

Dear God, Will you take care of Momma for me... please?
She was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Tell Momma that I love her, her sweet little boy.
All I ever lived to be was her pride and joy.





Then silence.

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