Think Of Me
By Janet Riddle, from Animal Rights Online

Faithfully I'll wait all day
I yearn for you while you're away
Greet me everyday so I can see
my devotion returned, you think of me

My days mundane and world fake
my life not mine to make
In this zoo I hunger to be free
next time you go think of me

In this cage I hopelessly pace
anguish written all over my face
I'll be killed for the fur I wear
think of me as I'm stripped bare

When my throat is slit in an awful death
blood will splatter, I'll gasp for breath
I'll be ground up and labeled prime
think of me at dinnertime

Innocent I've done you no wrong
The biggest buck, I am strong
But I have no chance against a gun
think of me, could I have won

In my barren cage I cry
useless research the reason why
Alone I'll linger in agony
as I fade away think of me

Forced acts and tricks that demean
my beating's secrets keep unseen
behind the curtain my circus plea
Don't be entertained think of me

I endure constant abuse at the rodeos
by those rampant men feeding egos
I'm made to hurt and terrified
think of me as they force a ride

We look to you to be our voice
we were born to a life with no choice
Treated as commodities for human use
think of us and our abuse