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Poetry By Carl Porten

...ítill then iíll be a cow....

I see humans with toys
stuffed teddy bears aní rabbits,
aní holding them close
like no one else can have it,

then watch as you come
aní steal away life,
...itís the life you create
that brings tears to my eyes...

I see why I am lonely,
I trip over laces
aní don't ask for fine china,
I'll probably break it,

there's just no hope for me
as my coin hits the bricks,
on the way to the water
that prisons my wish.

But broken one moment
my heart steals from time,
as I pray once again
that my penny will find,

my dream in the water
that floats in the well,
...ítill then I'll be a cow,
on your farm where I dwell,

my hell......
my feet only grace,
the face of this earth
Ďcause you birthed me from rape

out of hate?.....
only God knows what for,
but my short horror story
sure makes me feel sore...

But I'll keep leaning over
to watch as my pennies
fall to the water
as I pray to heaven,

that one day dear humans
you'll find your true heart,
aní fix what is broken
aní fallen apart. Oh.

Pray I'm just a cow...
But still I remember
tíwas cold as mist rose
in an early November, could I forget,
the day you brought death
to the life of one living,
stealiní my breath,

dragging him kicking
I fought hard to see
but you pushed me away
as you took him from me...

...In this world today
how can it be?
You can hate me this much
aní take babies from me.

But I'm just a cow,
left alone in the dark,
...smashed up aní left broken,
like your human heart...

Put your teddy bears down,
aní stuffed rabbits I say...
...Ďtill then Iíll be a cow,
throwiní pennies away...


Poetry © 2022 Carl Porten

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