Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

To be vegan is to be right

To be vegan is to be right.

To be non vegan is to be wrong.

This is judgment.

When we judge with a vegan gavel, we see others as they truly are.

According to non vegans, we see them as less than they actually are. Why would a non vegan state this?

They believe by judging them, vegans dehumanize them, & as a result vegans lose empathy toward non vegans.


Vegans don’t eat, wear, use non vegans bodies or lives... ya know... what non vegans DO to all other-than-human animals.

Still, non vegans have no problem attacking vegans.

Their need to prove veganism as wrong mostly comes from the egoistic desire to feel that they’re on the right side evolution. Non vegans go to great lengths to argue they’re “better” than vegans. Their anger saturated arguments are rooted in deep-seated fear... the fear that they actually ARE on the wrong side of evolution.

They’re “worse” than vegans.

Atrocious, actually.

Defending what they defend... for a lousy sandwich... a pair of gloves... a half hour carriage ride, a pizza, a meatball, a pair of boots...

The above all contains screaming, blood, fear, horror, death.

To admit being non vegan is wrong would be a malediction to speciesism. The erosion of embedded beliefs that help to stabilize an otherwise insecure ego that feeds on the brainwashed notion that being non vegan is right.

A societal acceptable pathology.

A non vegan that gets their eyes pried wide open by the truth, l begins to feel emotional distress due to the psychological discord that surfaces in their consciousness.

Their acknowledgment of the unnecessary horrors...

Their responsibility and culpability...

The disruption of their implanted narrative...



Free range-death row

Meat & dairy-holocaust

Eat some, love some-speciesism

To avoid all the above, non vegans use all kinds of defense mechanisms to cover up the truth... they try to win debates with excuses for cruelty..they claim personal choice... they talk about how it’s always been this way...

Yo, that just creates more serious problems.

When your goal is to prove that you’re right to slit throats, steal babies, imprison free animals, wear skins, dine on corpses (etc), you exclude ANY possibility of seeing/learning/understanding the truth.


Cos that requires admittance that what you were taught to believe is WRONG.

You were programmed.

Sucks to admit that you cling to others thoughts, with none of your own, doesn’t it?

Veganism is chock full of new information... that DESTROYS indoctrinated beliefs.

Each and every being on earth is Interconnected.

End speciesism.

See life

Don’t pay others to end lives.

Total Liberation!

vegan balloons

©Heidi Coon, 2023

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