Tami HayPoetry and Prose By Tami Hay, M.A., RMT from All-Creatures.org

To HEAL or not to HEAL

To HEAL or not to HEAL
That is the question.
"Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer…"
To continue with habit
To stab it
To nab it
Even if we do not need it
Or heed it
Or even if we desire to fleed it.
Or bleed it…


Let’s only seed it
With love!

To HEAL or not to HEAL
That is the question.

A wise man says,
Keep asking why…
Why are we doing this?
Why are we doing that?
But why…?
Just another truth to just walk on by
And turn a blind eye?

Another story is being told.
Of the bold
And the sold.
And the gold…
Deep within our hearts.
To FEEL or not to FEEL
Is that the new question?

The story of a hydrated planet, within you and me
A story of all beings happy and free
Of homeostasis and energy of electron rebirth
Of peace on earth

Of alkaline waters of planet-us
And anti-inflammatory deposits of Sadhanas trees
And swimming seas left to be.

Of love’s many dances with light
And a world without hunger and fright

Of our healed earth pulsating in our guts
And no more cuts
Across the surgeon’s patient’s flesh-hardened heart
Or the throat of a voiceless being, as it departs.

To HEAL or not heal
That is no longer the question.
We know the why.
We know the how.
We know the where.
We know the when.
We know…
Love is a verb;
HEAL is a verb!
Peace is the sound.

© Tami Hay 2024


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