Tami HayPoetry and Prose By Tami Hay, M.A., RMT from All-Creatures.org

To Understand - A Poem for Bobby Sud

I am unwilling to believe in separation.
And competition
And division
And that what I know deep inside
Matters less,
Then the mess of a world gone mad
Or the bad
Of a being hauled off to slaughter
in the world struggling for a breath.

I am unwilling,
To have my focus diverted
And herded,
Into someone else’s agenda
Which does not reflect,
The animal witness I am here to be.
And that one day they may be free.

I am unwilling to stand up for nothing,
And be silent,
While others hurt
And are hungry.

Unwilling to judge,
The oppressors,
Whom sit amongst the ivory towers of death,
Unknown to themselves.
For I once walked on their bloody paths.

I am willing to understand,
And seek to understand,
All those
Who knew no better,
And were washed away in their own shame,
With nowhere to come up for air.

© Tami Hay 2023

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