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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon

Total Liberation

To be human is a social construct who’s criteria matches the collective.
I am not human.
I do not wish to have anything more to do with humanism.
I am all other species because I think. I breathe. I feel.
We are sentients.
And, like each and every other than human species, i fight for my kind, which is all kinds.
I fight for my family, which is all kinds.
I fight for my loved ones, which are all kinds.
I would lay my life on the line.
And so, I state as poly-species herbivore;
I do not seek to find solace in ‘human’ systems of oppression…
Human structured religion is no where for me.
Like all other than human kinds, I do not blindly align.
I do not long for affiliation inside the human collective.
This human hell is not of my construction…those right angles, and asphalt, those are not mine.
I am no master.
I am no god.
Nor, do I have either.
I live inside this structured society as an outlier.
I use the human tools available to me as I plod forth toward total liberation.
I am goat, swine, steer…
I am raccoon, pigeon, gopher….
I am trout, canary, tortoise…
et al
Total Liberation 

total liberation

©Heidi Coon, 2022

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