Tribute To K-9 Law Enforcement Dogs
By Barbara Snow
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Tribute To K-9 Law Enforcement Dogs
By Barbara Snow

There is no greater TRUST than the one created by the bond between K9 law-enforcement working dogs and their deputy or police handler.

There is no greater LOYALTY than these dogs who would lay down their lives for their partners and for you and me if called on to do so in the line of duty; there is no greater COMFORT and ASSURANCE in public trust and safety to know that is truth and can always be counted on.

There is no greater cheetah-like SPEED, to OBEDIENCE than by these dogs who respond to their partner’s commands to words that need only be said once.

There is no better way to HONOR these dogs than to acknowledge, appreciate and respect them and their partners, both together in service for our safety, and to remember those partners lost together and forever to us and their families.

There is no better way to PAY them back than to treat all dogs a little kinder – a little gentler and with more compassion: those who serve our military in war, guard our beaches, serve our customs officers at our borders, our firefighters who save lives and property, our agriculture agencies to safeguard our food, our rescue dogs who aid in disaster or in loss of children or elderly, our assistance dogs who see and hear for us, predict our diseases and alert our seizures giving us freedom to work, drive and swim; those who are abused, exploited and cruelty treated for profit or criminal intent, those who provide therapy to heal us faster, comfort our needs, teach us to read and warn us of danger, and those who listen to our stories when we are sad and share our joy when we laugh; who give us friendship and companionship like no other; and those in all animal shelters who were born unwanted, were neglected, abandoned and wait for a new and forever home.

There is no greater nose to scent, eyes to sight, heart to give and no braver or more courageous spirit to work and serve. Of these K-9 Working Dogs also can be attributed the highest form of sacrifice by man “greater love hath no man than to give up his life for another”. For every dog that bites us, there is one of these – a special, elite and best of their breed. For them Heaven’s reward is a special section across the Rainbow Bridge reserved only for them where they play all day in meadows where angels sing; and they never again hear the sound of another bullet. They are the very special select ones whose life as a hero dog on earth represented the highest in VALOR. May they and their partners always be blessed and watched over by our Creator who you will find always in their name only backwards.

Celebrate with Honor -
March 13, 2010

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