Turkey Day
By Bernie Jones
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Turkey Day
By Bernie Jones

Get your coat on love, it's turkey day today
Christmas is only a short week away
Off to Asda we go, I'll let you choose
We want the plumpest, no time to lose!

Mummy...was that once alive?
Yes dear
Mummy...is it dead?
Yes dear!
Mummy...did it cry when it died?
No dear!
Mummy...how do you KNOW what it said?
Did it WANT to die?
Did it scream and cry?
Are they all it's sisters and brothers?
Are they girls or boys?
Did they make a noise?
Did they all have fathers and mothers?
Does it hurt to die?
Did they all say goodbye?
Is it just like going to sleep?
But you said killing is bad.
Mummy...I'm really sad
I pray the Lord their souls to keep

I don't want to eat turkey mummy.

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