An Animal Rights Poem from

There Are Two Me's By Sandra Isobel Kyle

I donít want to push myself until every muscle aches
Or make myself unpopular with people
Or bear witness so much
Or take risks
Or demonstrate for horses and greyhounds in the rain and cold
Or look at pictures and videos that make my heart sore
Or spend hours every day writing posts, blogs and opinion editorials
Or work on projects
Or try to retain facts and figures in my tired brain
Or be a target for haters on national television

I want to stay in bed and watch Neflix
Play Word Blitz
Muck around on the piano
Spend my money on nice clothes and expensive food
Get my nails done
Go on cruises
Be a detached observer.
Mind my own business.
Prioritise my own wants and needs.
Be comfortable.
Act my age.

There are two meís.

The me who every day makes sacrifices for justice for suffering animals is the me I have chosen.

pig truck

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