Mango WodzakI used to be a zombie
An Animal Rights Poem By Mango Wodzak from

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

I used to be a zombie
By Mango Wodzak

[Listen to I used to be a zombie...]

I used to be a zombie, a parting in my hair,
I kept it short and tidy, my beard it wasnt there,
I even wore a suit to work and skintight underwear,
you look at me with disbelief, but trust in me, I swear!

My shirts they were all ironed, and my socks I think were too,
and the reflection of your face youd see, upon my leathered shoe.

Briefcase, tie, I had it all,
I think they called me Zombie Paul..

I was a zombie, I confess,
I munched all bodies, more or less
I loved those steak and kidney pies,
and as for gravy smothered thighs..
especially with a side of fries!
Id likely even eat their eyes,
if properly glazed and caramelised..

Baconed burgers, sausaged dogs, I would eat the bloodied lot,
hams and spams and baby lambs, Id eat them cold or hot.

For brekkie lunch and dinner tea,
any corpse at all for me,
I loved all animals equally!
Excepting perhaps the swan and cat,
and horses too come to think of it..
I was a civil chap of course,
and never dreamt to eat a horse..

Yes, I was a zombie one time too,
I ate cadavers just like you!
I ate their backs, I ate their wings,
mostly cooked or fried with things.
I even ate the offspring, at barely 2 months old,
and with a plate of devilled eggs, my mornings felt like gold

But then I woke to what I was,
it made me stop and think because..
well frankly, it just dawned on me,
that sheep and pigs are she and he..

And he and she It dawned on me.

Not pounds of flesh, nor thats and its,
but inside someone else there sits,
who sees the world, and has their thoughts,
dreams their dreams and worries their warts,
lives their lives,  and wants their peace,
not to end up fried in grease.

I recognise the being see,
the depths of individuality,
I looked a piglet in her eyes,
and suddenly I felt chastised,
for the bacon I had eaten, only some short time ago,
it set my thoughts a thinking, my heart it set aglow..

From that very moment forth, I ceased my zombie habits
I pushed aside the meateries and breakfasting on rabbits.
I let my hair be wild and my beard grow untamed,
my toes were fully liberated from the shoes that had them chained.
My ties and suits have disappeared,
In favour of the sun revered..
for It seems to me that growing fruits,
sa job best done with birthday suits..

I used to be a zombie, Im glad I am no more,
for the animals which go unseen, I simply cant ignore.

So please to eat just vegetables,
and fruits and nuts and grains,
but not the little animals.. 
Please recognise their brains.

I was a zombie just like you,
I used to eat cadavers too... 

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