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Veal Calves By McKenna Grace Fisher

Ripples like those from a stone thrown into the water,
Take from me my sister, brother, mother, my father,
I say to you human being there is a choice,
There is a way I know, use your voice...

I am small, I am needy and I am crying for mercy,
We could be friends, you can hold me stroke me,
Thieves steal our lives but you, you can stop it now,
Make the connection, look at me and I will show you how...

As if to say, hey I want to live, to breathe fresh air,
For all my life, not just the 4 months I am caged in here,
I beg you, please see me as you see your dog and cat,
Before my breath fades from this torment, my body laid flat...

No time for consultation for if you hesitate the air escapes,
Governing bodies in this house of horrors decide my fate,
Thrown onto the cold and bloody cement I think of you,
Mindlessly buying my body parts, packaged neatly, no clue...

I see from up here now and I feel nothing but love and peace,
I see my sister, brother, mother and my father, at least,
My wounds have healed for I am no longer alive,
In heaven, no pain, no torment, no need to survive...

2012 McKenna Grace Fisher

confined calf
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