Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

Vegan Liberationists

Throughout history, those who challenged the status quo and brought about significant change faced resistance, criticism, and hatred. This happened because their ideas, actions, and values disrupted established norms and power structures, causing discomfort and resistance from those who benefited from the existing order.

As time passed and perspectives evolved, society came to recognize the value and intelligence of those history makers. Their contributions were appreciated because they brought positive transformations, advanced society, and challenge outdated beliefs.

Hindsight allowed us to see the broader impact of their ideas and actions, which led to a reevaluation of their intelligence and the recognition of their significant achievements.

Vegan Liberationists,
All of my love to you.

Love All Animals

İHeidi Coon, 2023


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