I am a vegan sticky-note
By Judy Carman
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

I am a vegan sticky-note
By Judy Carman, Peace to All Beings

I am a vegan sticky-note.
It doesn't seem to matter
If I keep my mouth completely shut
Or carry around a banner
With great big letters "Don't eat me!
I'm your friend and not your dinner."

It seems that if I'm quiet
And not speaking out for beings,
They think I'm preaching anyway
Because of what I'm eating,
And it really is annoying
If it's clear that I'm not cheating.

So I'm a vegan sticky-note.
No matter what I'm doing,
There's something hanging in the air
A question always brewing
In hearts of those who wonder
What if vegan is the true thing?

We all are vegan sticky-notes,
And as we stick together,
We're constant daily memos
To all who want things better
That peace for all is possible
No matter why or whether.

It's simply this, it's on our note
It's love for every being,
No matter whether pig or dog
Or anyone with feeling,
That finally brings the freedom
That everyone is needing.

Yes we are vegan sticky-notes.
We know why we are here
To do the little things we can
To stop the greed and fear
That causes so much suffering
To animals everywhere.

The animals are waiting
For people to awaken
And live with reverence for all
So no more lives are taken,
And families stay together,
And no more hearts are breaking.

So always we will be that note
No matter where we are.
For those whose cries aren't being heard,
We will be their star
Until the day that they are free
To be just who they are.

2015, Judy McCoy Carman, M.A.

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