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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

By Heidi Coon

The cold steel merciless
Narrow chute shadow malicious
Bullied in the dark nefarious
Crammed; all of us
On trucks, fated for dishes
Shiny, sharp silver shiv
Sinks in deep, no, I won’t live…
My eyes widen in the throes
The finest merlot streaming from my nose
Drip drip drops fall like petals of rose
Lifeblood washed away with a hose
My yawning throat outpouring
Suspended swinging
I watch it run
Unfocused eyes
My slowing arteria
As my body dies
An active efflux of berries, apples, cherries…
A bubbling surge of garnets, a spurt of rubies…
A cascading bouquet of Hibiscus, & poinsettia
…a bursting field of poppies
Grab the hose, wash it away
Grab a hose, spray it away
My crimson fades away
The red slowly disappears
Down the drain


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