By Lance Landall
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

By Lance Landall

Vivisection they call it, but that's really just a fancy name,
For vivisection is just torture with a so-called righteous aim.
Yes, these poor defenseless animals are suffering every day,
Held captive in their cages, as Auschwitz-like, people cruelly play.

Weíre talking concentration camps, where evil experiments are done;
Animal torture chambers that should really upset everyone.
Itís time that they were dismantled, for such practices arenít okay,
As theyíre shameful and outrageous, for with lives they just cruelly play.

Quivering in their little cages, freedom never to regain,
They live in such fear and loathing, riddled with misery and pain.
Each time those hands reach to grab them, they know that more pain there will be,
And that love and affection isnít something that they'll ever see.

Now, just imagine your much loved pet being treated in this cruel way,
For Iím sure that you would feel angry and certain things do or say.
Yes, Iím sure that youíd want to rescue your much loved and cared for pet,
And that midst your strong expressions you'd rush them home or to a vet.

It's a terrible tragedy and crime, a blight on humankind,
That such wicked concentration camps, one throughout this earth can find.
Itís dreadful that there are people whoíre prepared to so hurt and maim,
And who can torture and slay without feeling any guilt or shame.

Yes, be it battery hens or vivisection, it's all the same,
In other words, cruelty, torture, despite what those spin doctors claim.
Itís terribly barbaric that they're treating animals this way,
And it only dehumanizes those who such cruelty display.

Yes, vivisection itís called, but that's really just a fancy name,
For itís nothing but plain torture that some righteous end cannot claim.
Therefore, itís time we put a stop to such shockingly evil acts,
That humanityís very fabric just undermines and attacks.

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