The Vow
By Janet Riddle, from Animal Rights Online

Forgive me for my actions were learned
I ate you was never concerned
But I can't eat you anymore
I wish I would've done this long before

Visions of your death haunt my soul
But at peace with you I am whole
I can look in your eyes now beast
on your flesh, I no longer feast

I've seen the callous acts us human do
There's much humanity to be learned from you
Without a thought ~ your lives we steal
it's just not worth a simple meal

We justify your death with reasons of greed
but to find peace with you is all we need
Perhaps someday there will be harmony
and no longer your graves we'll be

I have learned from you to be kind
and to the see the faces on which I've dined
I will do all I can to protect you now
I owe you this ~ a solemn vow