Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

Waging war on a free being, covered in fur

I catch a scent in the wind that comes from the east
My paws plodding on, with hunger not ceased
Food for me, & my family i hope for, at least
The scent it does thicken, my pace does increase
Through the thickets, my eyes spy an unanticipated feast
There, on the snow, lays the corpse of some poor beast

I take a snowy step, my paw sinks in cold depth
My stomach is knotted, as i cross this frozen Lethe
A sudden blast, like burning glass, hits me with strength
The smell of hot metal, & ammonia enwreath
My family flashes before my eyes as I breath my last breath
The vulgarity lurking, sits filming my death.

Evil and wicked, those are not my names
Those are reserved for those calling me game
The ones that hone a sight to aim
Technology wielding, & looking to maim
The ones that spill our blood for fame
& their voyeur blood groupies that look at their frames
(Animal death porn, itís a damn dark shame)

The wicked gun loaders
The evil trap setters
The villainous venomous vile lie spreaders
Poisoning my kind, for their sick pleasure
Baiting me with food, & you think that itís clever?
This life ending bullet destroyed my family forever

An essential being was gunned down
By some ignorant, weapon toting clown
A cowardly thug, when you boil it down
Extinction of a species, tick tock, countdown
Killing the wolves on Fudd hyperbole grounds.
You loathsome, hideous, shameful turd
Your fetid mind corroded and disturbed
Bloody gore carnage, your lifestyle preferred
Killing animals with guns, itís absolutely absurd
Waging war on a free being, covered in fur.

©Heidi Coon, 2023


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