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Walking With Rangers

Walking with rangers in Africa,
The sun beat down like a heated magnifier,
And we trudged along in a line,
With a hope to see animals of all kind.

But what we found on that fateful day,
Made us all stop and pray,
For a majestic elephant named Rose, robbed of her life,
By poachers who only seek to cause strife.

The tusks, once grand and grandiose,
Now gone, leaving only a gaping hole,
And as we stood there in disbelief,
Our hearts sank with unimaginable grief.

How could anyone be so cruel,
To take a life for an ivory jewel?
We all hung our heads and sighed,
As we grieved for the fallen and cried.

But as we trudged on, with the rangers by our side,
We made a vow to never let this fate abide,
To fight for justice and stand up for what's right,
And never let these creatures succumb to such a plight.

For the elephants, the rhinos, and all animals too,
We will stand up, we will fight, we will do,
Whatever it takes to protect them all,
And ensure that their freedom never falls.

So let us remember this moment of sorrow,
And vow to make a better tomorrow,
For all creatures great and small,
And never let their fate befall.

Elephant skull

Tim Gorski 2023


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