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The broken, unspoken moment
of abandonment.
The ending of your voice,
knowing you are alone.

The hunger, the suffering.
The old wounds inflicted.
The heart wrenching exhaustion.
You mean nothing to anyone.

The end is creeping toward you.

But you are discovered.
Alone in a field.
Tied to a gate.
Withered, lice ridden, fallen.

Cautious human hands that reach
out, softly.
To evoke trust.
To reassure.

No fear is needed.
Comfort awaits.
You, the lucky one.
The found, unfettered soul.
Recognised as far more.

You linger, a new member
of the raggedy
makeshift, herd.
You all carry burdens.

But you are now - unbound.
Loved and acknowledged.
Precious life.
Value of species.


2022 J.H. Dickinson

This poem emerged after spending time at Durham (UK) Donkey Rescue, where a retired ex-miner and his family have created a haven for neglected, abandoned and unwanted donkeys. These donkeys are such lovely souls - and it is a privilege to be trusted - after what they have gone through.

rescued Donkeys and rescued Human

resued Donkeys

rescued Donkeys

rescued Donkeys

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